What's it all about?

The Bango Competition is a DJ competition designed to give exposure to up and coming DJs.
With such a competitive market these days and everyone wanting to become 'the next big DJ', we offer the lesser known DJ a chance to raise their profile.  
If you're a clubber, music lover or DJ fan you get to see top quality DJs playing their hearts
out in a fun, friendly and kicking environment.
If you're a DJ you get the chance to play live, in front of an audience of your peers and
benefit from the unique networking experience that the Bango Competition offers.
We also want to give a good DJ a chanse to perform at Oppikoppi.

How does the competition work?
DJs are pitched against each other in a series of knock out events; heat winners are judged by a panel of experienced music professionals chosen by us; runners up are selected by a public vote; the finalists then face a showdown with a guest judge to decide on this year’s winner.

When does it happen?

1    18-Jun-10    Friday        DJ 1    DJ 3    Winner 1
     19-Jun-10    Saturday     DJ 2    DJ 4    
2    25-Jun-10     Friday         DJ 1    DJ 3    Winner 2
      26-Jun-10     Saturday    DJ 2    DJ 4    
3    02-Jul-10     Friday       DJ 1    DJ 3    Winner 3
      03-Jul-10    Saturday    DJ 2    DJ 4    
4    09-Jul-10    Friday        DJ 1    DJ 3    Winner 4
     10-Jul-10     Saturday    DJ 2    DJ 4    
5    16-Jul-10    Friday       Winner 1    Winner 3    Winner A
     17-Jul-10    Saturday    Winner 2    Winner 4    
6    23-Jul-10    Friday       Winner 1    Winner 3    Winner B
     24-Jul-10    Saturday    Winner 2    Winner 4    
7    30-Jul-10    Friday    Winner A    Winner A    Winner
     31-Jul-10    Saturday    Winner B    Winner B    
     06-Aug-10    Friday       Set at Oppikoppi         
     07-Aug-10    Saturday    Set at Oppikoppi         

Where can I see the action?

Coco Bango Tavern, NORTHAM

What’s the music policy?
House / Breaks and associated genres

How many rounds are there?
There are 4 knockout rounds,. There are then 2 Semi Finals and the Grand Finale.

Who can enter?
The competition is open to single DJs

What are they judged on?
DJs are marked out of 10 on each of the following criteria:
•    Technical mixing ability
•    Originality
•    Overall Performance
•    Tune Selection

Why don't you include crowd reaction in the judging criteria?

We don't believe it's fair to include crowd reaction for a couple of reasons.
Firstly the running order is drawn from a hat so the DJs running later in the night have a distinct advantage (more people and generally more alcohol consumed).
The other reason is that we don't want to make the competition about who's the most popular.
 It would be very easy for a DJ to come down with 50 friends in support compared to someone who's travelled from Johannesburg who might only have a few friends there.

MAIN PRIZE: Set at Oppikoppi Festival 2010
Also receive spot prizes from Brandhouse

Play offs at: Coco Bango         18-19 June2010
                                           25-26 June 2010
                                           2-3 July 2010
                                           9-10 July 2010    
                                          16-17 July 2010
                                          23-24 July 2010
Finals at: Coco Bango             31-31July 2010

• 4 DJ’s to be selected to play at every play off, 2 DJ’s to play at the finals.
• Celebrity judges includes: Rapula

DJ Competition Term & conditions and rules

1.    The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
2.    The competition is open to all South African residents eighteen years and older
3.    Entrants must use equipment supplied and are not permitted to bring their own  equipment.
4.    Entrants must supply their own headphones and music on CD and must be within the Coco Bango style. No hard styles or underground styles will be accepted.
5.    No turntables will be available – CD Mixers ONLY
6.    No computer aid mixing equipment will be allowed.
7.    All mixing at the competition must be live. No pre-recorded sets will be accepted.
8.    Prizes are not exchangeable for cash.
9.    Entry may be attained via the Coco Bango (www.cocobango.co.za) website, or from the Facebook group “Coco Bango DJ Competition 2010” by following the given instructions/filling
10.    Should you enter per e-mail, we will send you a confirmation e-mail as proof that we have received your entry. To enter: peter@cocobango.co.za
11.    All Entrants warrant that he/she is NOT contractually bound by other music or DJ agencies, or any other entity that could hinder performance and promotional duties
12.    The winning DJ will not be permitted to promote other brands for the duration of the prize without prior approval from the sponsors.
13.    The competition will be held at Coco Bango and, if selected, entrants will be required to travel to Northam for the playoffs and the finals.
14.    The closing date for entry into the competition is Friday the 18 t h of June 2010.
15.    By entering the competition the winner agrees to participate in promotional activities for the sponsors for a duration of 1 year from the date of the award.
16.    The panel of judges for the competition will be comprised of Coco Bango staff, Oppikoppi Staff, Brandhouse staff and a panel of celebrity DJ’s
17.    Prizes are not transferable for cash or to another person.
18.    The winning DJ must be available to travel to Oppikoppi in August and must be a citizen of South Africa with permanent residency in South Africa and have a valid passport.
19.    The competition is open to solo DJs only. No teams are to be permitted to compete.
20.    The competition organisers and sponsors will not be held responsible for any entry form submissions not received.

You can submit your competition entry in one of the following ways:

Email: peter@cocobango.co.za

Physical Address: Coco Bango, Northam
Post: P O Box 447, Northam 0360
Entries to reach us no later than the 17th of June 2010

Refer any questions to:
Email: Peter: peter@cocobango.co.za

Good luck!
It’s about the vibe